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Varsity² Alumni Edition

$ 185 $ 250
  • Embrace the essence of Michigan Made with the second edition of our varsity jacket, a celebration of craftsmanship and allegiance. Front and center, the motto "If you with us, you with us" declares loyalty in crisp embroidery, while the iconic block 'M' in a silhouette —intersected by "MADE"—anchors the chest with pride. Adornments of distinction, from the "Member" patch to the "Elite By Choice" banner and the globetrotter's globe, weave a narrative of excellence and adventure. The sleeve’s "Marauders" patch, bold and defiant, stands as a symbol of resilience for all those apart of our family. Each element, from the "Class of 6233" to every textured stitch, is a testament to the bold, the innovative, and the steadfast spirit that is quintessentially Michigan Made. 
  • A limited edition tribute to the University of Michigan. This exclusive piece blends a deep sense of allegiance to the beloved university with a celebration of a select few. Crafted with premium materials, it features a classic navy wool body, genuine leather sleeves, and striking maize and blue chenille embroidery. It's more than a jacket—it's a symbol of pride, a nod to standout members of our family, and a testament to our shared interests. Own a piece of this unique legacy and showcase your Michigan spirit in style.


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